"Addiction is a game. Alcoholics and
drug addicts play the game every day."

It’s Russian Roulette – with a twist. The guns have been replaced with pills, alcohol, and drugs. We all
know people who lost the game: Whitney Houston, (cocaine), Amy Winehouse, (alcohol), Michael Jackson,
(prescription drugs.) Click here to learn more about my book.

In Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix is an immortal bird.
When it dies, it bursts into flames, and is reborn from its own ashes.
To rise from the ashes of the Phoenix means to make a miraculous comeback.
If you are ready to rise from the ashes of addiction and make a miraculous comeback then welcome to Radical Recovery.

Here is what people are saying:

We’re not losing the war on drugs – our children are.

The motivation to write the book came from seeing more and more young people relapsing, coming back to treatment (two and three times in the same year), and dying.


In an attempt to reverse this tragic trend I have created a holistic brand of therapy, The M.I.N.E. Program (Motivate, Inspire, Nurture, and Empower). A Treatment Center in Lake Worth, FL, with 140 patients, began using it in November 2011. They are still using it. Why? Because it works! It has proven to be effective in treating addiction, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress, and cravings. Read the testimonials. Do the therapeutic models that you are using having patients coming out of their session feeling motivated, inspired, and empowered?

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